I enjoy seeing the world in a different light. Colors during the day are so washed out from the sun that we miss out on much of the beauty of the objects we see. They take on a different hue at nighttime and in different lighting.

Here the house is illuminated from the side and you can see specular reflections on the roofs and the siding. The grass is green and well lit while other parts of the scene are darker. Things that are normally bright aren’t. It reminds me of the shot I took of the Stephansdom in Vienna where the shadows extend upward towards the peak of the roof instead of downward towards the ground.

More Adventuring-043The framing also worked out well with the lightning. It’s not a bolt discharging the cloud, it’s a web of tentacles reaching across the field of view towards the home, reaching out and trying to get into the picture, reaching out to photo bomb the landscape. Okay, well, maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch.

One thought on “Reacher

  1. Reblogged this on Snell Family Adventures and commented:

    Last night’s fierce storms were a great opportunity to try and capture some lightning. Unfortunately, for the most part the clouds were so thick that all I saw was a strobe-like effect on a huge gray mass, but every once in a while a good photo came through.


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